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Glenridge Acres
grass-fed beef

Attention racers!  Glenridge Acres is an active farm.  Watch where you step!


We are home to grazing cattle and honeybees.

Grass-fed beef sales happen in November. We offer cutting options and sausage.  

2023 beef Sales

We are once again coming into the fall months and approaching our annual beef sale. Our steers have been grazing all summer on our Glen valley property and are scheduled for butchering early November. This means the finished product will be ready for pickup just after the third week of November. 
It is hard to gauge what weights and costs will be as we do not have the final weights of the animals yet, but based on last years values, here are some things to consider. The beef sells for $8.00 per hanging pound. This is about 550 lbs per cow, 275 lb per side, and 135lbs per quarter. This puts a quarter cow at a cost of about 950-1150$, and a yield about 90-110 lbs of packed meat. This is lots of meat, especially for small families, and so some might consider splitting a quarter with another family after delivery.
A quarter animal consists of a variety of cuts from steaks and ribs, to roasts and ground meat. There will be cutting options for you to choose in the fall such as what kind of steaks and roasts, and how much should be turned into ground meat. There are also options for several types of sausage, and soup bones.
All of the meat is lean, grass fed, and raised on a certified organic field. 
If you would like to reserve or sign up for next year, please indicate the amount and submit any comments by clicking this link, and filling out the form:

We will send out a cutting instructions form closer to the kill date later this month.

If you have any questions you can email me at or call/text me at   

(778) 779-1935

Thank you

Audrey Rauch


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